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Looking for Glass Shower, Mirror And Window Replacement In Oxnard, CA? 

Glass City & Windows is a father and son business. It’s a small business which prides itself on having good service, good prices and great customer care. At Glass City we do everything from custom mirrors, tabletops, shower enclosures, heavy shower enclosures, frameless shower doors, sliding glass doors, mirror wardrobe doors, retrofit milgard windows, windshield replacement, doors and window replacement and entry and interior glass doors. We also repair car windows, vinyl windows, and dual pane windows which we can repair the same day. We also replace old mirrors and doors. We also provide commercial repair and installations. Anything from storefront glass, aluminum, mirrors, and entry systems. At Glass City, if it’s not good enough for our home, we wouldn’t put it in your home.

Another interesting line of services we provide is marine glass repair and installation. Being so close to the beautiful beaches of Southern California, and of course to the Oxnard and Ventura Harbors, we have grown in our ability to outfit boats and ships of all sizes with our glass services. So if you have a broken boat window, or a broken boat window screen, or even if you have any need for marine glass repairs anywhere else on your boat, please do consider our services.

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Oxnard and Ventura Harbors Residential and Commercial Glass company

As a family owned and operated business, Glass City has always been had a close connection with its local community. In fact, it was as a result of strong ties within the community that enabled Glass City to become its own business entity. Before it was founded, however, Javier Monroy who would later become Glass City’s owner and founder, worked along side another local business that specialized in fixing broken window screens. With his extensive knowledge of glass services, Javier was able to help this local company grow in its service line. Within a few short years, this company outgrew its reputation as simply a window screen repair company, and through Javier’s involvement, became the premier glass and screen service company in the local community.

A few years later, and as a result of of their being too much demand for one company, the two teams decided to split amicably, and thus Glass City was born shortly thereafter. Glass City is now proud to say that it has been in business for over 12 years. And it credits its success largely in part to its humble beginnings.

After the retirement of Javier Monroy, the company was left in the hands of his son, Stanley Monroy. Having spent most of his life as an apprentice to his father, Stanley learned all the secrets of the trade, and now operates successfully as owner and operator of Glass City & Windows to this day. But in the likeness of his father, who was always adapting his skills to meet the evolving demands of the market, Stanley has likewise continued his education in glass work, and has included services such as auto glass replacement to Glass City’s product and service line.